Becka Adams was born in Denver and grew up in the small town of Elizabeth, Colorado. From a very young age, she was drawn to performing arts, and began dance training at the age of four, learning ballet, jazz, tap, tumbling and lyrical. This training opened up larger opportunities for her, and she joined several competitive dance teams in her pre-teen years, specializing in jazz and poms. Her unending energy and talent paved her way into the world of competitive cheerleading, where she went on to lead her high school squad as the Varsity captain.

At age 16, Becka’s eyes were opened to the entertainment industry after winning a modeling competition put on by a modeling and acting school in Denver. Enrolling in performance classes, Becka began to develop her skills as a model and actress, leading her to discover her passion for being in front of the camera.

After graduating from Elizabeth High School, Becka went on to attend her first year of college at the University of Colorado at Colorado Springs. There, she became a dancer on the University’s dance and step team and fell in love with hip hop dancing. She continued to pursue modeling and acting, but knew Colorado was not the place for her to follow her dreams. Becka made that first ambitious leap in 2006, when she moved to Azusa, California to attend Azusa Pacific University, where she would graduate with her Bachelor of Arts in Communication studies in May of 2009.

While attending APU, Becka became involved in a hip hop ministry dance team, working up to a leadership position as head choreographer. “Chozen”, as the team was called, performed for, and reached out to, teens and children all over Los Angeles, spreading positive and encouraging messages. These performances gave her more than just the entertainment experience, but also a humble attitude and a great feeling of accomplishment in knowing she was positively influencing the lives of young people. In addition to the ministry dance team, she was also deeply involved in a competitive hip hop dance group at Ovation School for the Performing Arts, traveling around Southern California and Las Vegas to compete in various dance competitions.

After graduating from college, Becka moved to Hollywood to buckle down and focus solely on making her dreams a reality. Through her hard work and excellent networking skills, she landed many promotional, print and live modeling jobs, including a fashion spread in OCW Magazine, a picture published in W magazine, music videos with artists such as Jamie Foxx, Timbaland, Nelly Furtado and D. Woods, and is published on several bridal, fashion and medical websites.

Becka’s articulate speaking style, combined with her vivacious, go-getter personality, landed her a spot on season 2 of the Discovery channel’s hit show, “The Colony”, which aired in the fall of 2010. As one of the colonists, Becka was followed through the intense struggle of rebuilding society in a simulated post-catastrophic world. Challenged physically, mentally and emotionally, she pushed through the hardships to the reward in the end.

As a naturally energetic, fun-loving person, Becka’s positive energy radiates both on and off camera. Whether she is dancing like a crazy person in a public place or simply striking up random conversations with strangers, she is always leaving behind a trail of smiles. Her charismatic and free-spirited personality, in addition to her strong speaking ability, has opened up doors of opportunity in the hosting world as well. Becka has landed hosting and spokesmodeling jobs on several TV pilots and web infomercials.

According to many of the photographers, directors, producers and casting directors that have worked with her, there is no limit to what this talented and determined young star can accomplish. Her natural beauty, combined with her refreshing positive energy, intense achiever attitude and steely determination, will drive her to success in working on projects that will challenge her to develop into a solid and well-rounded actress, model and TV personality. In asking almost anyone whom she has worked for, or with, about Becka, radiant comments flow readily and friendships and respect are revealed.